About us

We are an Olomouc art group. We have been engaged in a wide range of artistic activities since 2012. Everything started with black and white illustrations in connection with poems and gradually we have expanded into wall painting - both interior and street art, land art and installations, graphic design, performance art, exhibitions, body painting, and traditional art.


We also like to organize workshops and participate in various cultural events. We are committed to spreading the creative mood and appetite for change that CHAOS brings to the world, and we do so under a common brand. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in something else or if you are interested in cooperation.

Václav Cibulka gives his name to his artistic project Chaoscompany. He creates posters of chaos with his poetry and looks for artists with whom he wants to work with.


Chaoscompany becomes a group. The first artist, Věra Kopková, is permanently joining Václav and they are starting to work on their first joint works.

The official Chaoscompany logo is created by Věra Kopková in cooperation with other members.


More artists are joining the group. Teryll and Ideal Person. New works of art, folding playful poetry, origami and more are created. Chaos starts going to the festival and working on orders.

Another regular member, Dosy Doss (Jiří Dosoudil), is joining. It brings a big change - the challenge of working as much as possible in public space and focusing on Street Art. During this period the first joint exhibitions and workshops take place.


The group exhibits and works on interior realization. For example, exhibitions in Gallery 7 in Prostějov, Museum Night in the Angled Gallery, painting in the Study Library of the Research Library. Every event helps artists grow.

Chaoscompany is starting to cooperate with Palacký University. It creates an accompanying program at various events, site-specific installations, workshops, street art. This cooperation continues to this day. Events like Majáles, Park, Night of Scientists, Meet UP and more.


The first year of the Decent Burning of Abandoned Christmas Trees in Olomouc. Also known as the Traditional Olomouc Tree Festival. This tradition takes place every year.

Cooperation with talented photographer and cameraman Just Martin begins. This creates a large number of interesting videos and photos documenting our activities. Thanks to this cooperation, both parties can develop creatively.