We are a group of independent artists connecting different kinds of art. In addition to exhibitions and traditional artistic or cultural activities, we are able to provide a diverse cultural program at: festivals, cultural events, concerts, schools. We have experience in organizing workshops, exhibition paintings and performances, creating installations, land art, body painting and henna. We paint on the walls in the interior (restaurants, cafes, apartments) and also in the exterior (houses, fences, concrete buildings).

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Creative workshop

Diverse art activities - our workshop visitors, under the guidance of art teachers, will learn the basics of painting, drawing, folding origami, spray painting, creating collages, land art, street art and other art activities. The workshop will be arranged in consultation with you according to your needs and possibilities for all age groups of participants in any environment.

Streetart painting on wall in interior and exterior

We offer custom art murals according to your wishes. After consultation we will prepare the design and after the approval create it. We have experience with large scale projects(facades of houses, bus stops, fences - wooden, concrete, plastic, glass), and with smaller decorative paintings in the interior (cafes, restaurants, rooms, etc.). We also transform doors from the main gas shutter to works of art. We are also able to create temporary works of art for installed boards, stretch foils and others (even cars).

Action art/ performance
Creation from collaborating artists. Recitation of own poetry with musical accompaniment and live creation (painting on boards, canvas, stretch foils, non-woven fabrics, spatial installations). Possibility of cooperation with other artists (DJs, bands).

Spatial installations

We are able to create spatial decorative installations (stage, festival, club, etc.)

Different forms of beautifying the human body by painting. Temporary henna tattoo, face painting for children, live performance (human model painting).

Unusual fire show
Our fire show involves a shaman-ritual construction of a fire border, its safe ignition and subsequent removal of fire residues. The fire is built from purely natural materials. It serves as an art installation before lighting the bonfire. It is usually ignited at dusk in the form of a ritual performance

Illustration / graphic work

We offer illustrations of books, short stories, poems. Creating custom comics. Graphic design and implementation of logos, posters, promotional materials.

We are a group of artists of various styles, we offer our original artworks on canvas, paper, boards, textiles (T-shirts, bags) and other materials. We can also create a joint work for you. We also devote ourselves to poetry and are able to create bespoke poems supplemented with illustrations (suitable as gift-birthday cards, wedding cards and more) We love a challenge so don~t be afraid to contact us with your creative ideas.