Věra Kopková

The artist focuses on oil painting, illustration and drawing. She often experiments with various techniques and media like bodypainting, Uv installations, land art, spraypainting and other. In addition to classical canvases, she works in public spaces and interiors as a painter but also a sculptor. The prevailing subject is the human body.  In her work, the author wants to express her inner thoughts focused on the topics of existentialism, nihilism, nature and its cycles in relation to human experiences.

Since 2012, she has been a member of the Chaos Company group.


Nesting, Gallery u Mloka, Olomouc


Bistrá Kráva, Olomouc,  Guests of Chaos – photography


Bistrá Kráva, Olomouc, Welcome to Chaos

Galerie U Mloka - Chaos©mpany: A vizit to realities

10. year Biennial of the textile ateliers  at Muzeum Boženy Němcové, Česká Skalice - exhibition of UPOL students


MEZIČAS, Palacky Univerzity Olomouc

Lomenná galerie, Olomouc, site specific painting 

Café na kole, Hradec Králové 


Galerie Plusmínus, Konvikt, Olomouc - jewelry exhibition

Galerie Vacuum Art Bar, Praha - Chaos Company Art Show

Lomená galerie, Olomouc, site specific painting


Textile story of transparency, Galerie Podkroví, Olomouc 


Café mezi světy, Olomouc - Chaos exhibition 

Digital Forest, 2019

Zaparkuj, 2018-2019

Festival Letiště, 2018

Hanácké Džagling konvenšn, Olomouc, 2018

Olomoucký majáles, Olomouc, 2017, 2018, 2019

Kemp Krásná Morava, 2018

Rebellions Open Air 2018

Lomená Galerie 2017-2019

Jiří Šedý - knižní ilustrace 2017


2009 - 2012 Grammar School Rýmařov 

2012 - 2016 Palacky University in Olomouci, Visual arts with a focus on education

2016 - 2019 Palacky University in Olomouci, Teaching art education for high schools and art schools

Other courses and education 

Expansion module for primary school, kindergarten and tutoring(2014, Palacky University in Olomouci)

Completed disciplines: Creative communication with a work of art, Digital photography in practice, Art therapy - artefiletics, Action creation, Textile - open space, Gallery animation, Olomouc monuments, History of art and education for cultural and historical heritage, Ceramics, Spatial expression.

Perception, Creation, Communication (2014, Palacký University Olomouc)

Increasing the competence of art educators both theoretically and practically in the following disciplines: Casting, Subtle Object as Author's Jewelry, Color and Design, Comparison of Illusive and Non-Illusive Artwork, Interpretation and Access to Artwork, Non-traditional Art Techniques, Traditional Lithography, Alternative Surfaces role of textile in 20th century art and current trends in textile art, History of photography in pictures.

Hyperrealistic Painting Course - Jan Petrov (2017 Olomouc Museum of Art)

Graphic programs

Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator