Collaboration with Just Martin

18/09/2019 Autor Vera K

Just Martin is a talented video creator who has been working with us for some time. His latest project is a series of short interviews with us. For example, you can find out what inspires us, what helped us grow the most and so on. You have the opportunity to learn more about Věra Kopková or the artist Dosy Doss. In the future, you can look forward to a short interview with “Vincek” Cibulka.

If you are interested in Martin’s work, feel free to visit his Youtube channel Just Martin or his profile on Instagram @justmartinphotography where you can find see his photography.

As a reminder, you can see what projects we have already worked on together. 

Our first collaboration took place  at our Goodbye christmass trees event.

After that, a Test of sirens event followed, 

he laso created a video for our project Clothes with a story, 

we also worked on a music video for Natálie Rotterová,

Martin also managed to capture the atmosphere of Graff jam event in Prostějov, 

he also worked on our collaboration with a firm Sakypaky at Saky pARTy event.

We are very grateful for our ongoing collaboration and are looking forward to our upcoming projects.

Dosy Doss