Night of Scientists

02/10/2019 Autor Vera K

At this year’s Night of Scientists in Olomouc, Chaos company’s artists Věra Kopková and Jiří Dosoudils created UV installation and also a workshop. The installation responded to the theme of this year’s event gently towards the planet. As well as the whole purpose of the whole event – to popularize science and bring it closer to the public. The installation consisted of eight figures connected by lines that glowed at night. The used material wood and cotton and its light properties completed the principle of gentleness towards nature. The figures symbolized the connection of each person. The course of our lives and the relationship to the cycle of nature.

The uv workshop was open to the general public. Together the visitors created an extensive glowing web. The participants could crawl into it and expand in various ways. There were new connection being created and the principle of leaving tracks behind.

Věra Kopková